The necessity of coaching in businesses

Nowadays, the companies that are interested in surviving and remain competitive in the continuously evolving technological and social environment, are in need to invest in a more holistic education of their personnel.

Each business aims to have the best possible results in the minimum time with the lowest expenses. In order to do so, a company is requested to take into account both the frame around the educational subject and each executive, subjected to the educational training. Thus, during the last years coaching seems to be chosen as the solution for the personnel development more and more often.

It is a fact that coaching has a common setting ground as a starting point, however it is not the same in each case. The added value that coaching provides, is the aim to set on the center of the process both the business and the executive in real time. Coaching goes one step further and incorporates tools and techniques based on the needs of the executive, thus it is case-specific to each collaboration. This is happening due to the self-regarding approach that it is based. Throughout the coaching process, each executive is able to increase their self-awareness, develop and/or enhance their skills, become more effective and increase their productivity. The management of the organisations that took part in a research mentioned that coaching returned 6 times the value of their investment both in time and in money (Petras, 2018).

Of course, this three-party coaching collaboration (Business-Executive-Coach) has rigorous frame, as in each case the goals and the t not least, it is matter of the highest importance for a successful and fruitful outcome of the coaching collaboration, that all the stakeholders cooperate systematically and in harmony, while staying focused on the common goalsexpectations of the organisation and the executive- coachee shall be aligned. Furthermore, it is equally important to ensure the confidentiality and the evaluation of the results of the coaching intervention at the end of each collaboration. Last bu.

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