Life Coaching

If you read this, then most probably you have heard the term “Life Coaching”, however maybe you are not certain what it means exactly and you wish to know more.

We all require assistance sometimes, especially when it comes to the self-discovery journey. Either the goal is to have more confidence or to fulfill a dream of yours, it may be hard to understand how to reach from point A (specifying a goal) to point B (in reality following and achieving the goal). That’s when a Coach comes.

In its most basic format, Life Coaching is a collaboratory, non-guiding conversation between the coach and the coachee and may bring deep change through questions, reflection, choices and new behaviours. Through this process, coachees are able to make courageous choices for their lives, their relationships and their work. The aptitude of a coach is related to his ability to ask the right questions and to have the right tools and techniques to assist the coachee find these answers inside of them.

Life Coaching as a practice offers a rich and diverse approach, supporting people and teams to find their way towards the desired results and changes. The practical use of theoretical frames, models and approaches offers flexibility in order to assist coachees achieve the results they want.

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