I am Mariniki, graduate of School of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering of National Technical University of Athens. Despite my technocratic education, already from my first University years I realised that what fascinates me is the human factor. My first contact with Human Resources Management was thanks to the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), where I discovered my passion towards this direction. I have always been attentive and observant in people and the relationship with them, either my relationships with the people around me or as an observer of the others. For me, each person and their development is a unique challenge, a unique journey. 

Even before my graduation from the engineering school, I had started looking for a possible direction that would lead me closer to my interest towards human nature, which would combine the practical way of thinking I got from the engineering studies. Thus, I obtained my MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management from Alba Graduate Business School and then I got certified as MBTI® Practitioner. While practicing the profession of engineer in our family business, I found the path of Coaching through the Athens Coaching Institute, from which I obtained my Diploma in Evidence-Based Coaching. Having realised, and found out from my own experience, that many times despite the willingness to achieve a goal, the emotions may prevent someone from their target l, I searched upon a solution for this issue. The solution came with Bach Flower Remedies, which assist the balance of emotions, make them understandable and easier to handle and therefore “less harmful” in the mobilisation of a person towards their goals. That is the reason why I studied and I am a trainee Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner.

The combination of services I am able to offer due to my educational and professional background has proven to be very effective so far. My clients may approach a goal from different perspectives and have the optimal results. It is important to note that in order to have the desired outcomes, the client themselves have to want to be assisted thus to move forward towards the successful fulfillment of their goals.

And as very often you may hear me say: By shedding light in all the aspects of one’s personality, they may unlock more options and achieve better outcomes.

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