Self-Awareness coaching is a coaching approach that aims to assist the coachee enlighten more aspects of their personality. Thus, the coachee is able to better identify their personality traits and exploit them for achieving their goals.

Self-Awareness Coaching uses psychometric tools as its base, which give added value to the coaching collaboration as they make it more effective in a shorter period of time. More precisely, psychometric tools:

  • Are a good starting point for discussion and self-reflection
  • Enlighten aspects of the personality
  • Enlighten sections for potential growth and/or change
  • Provide a more objective perspective over one’s personality, leaving space for self-reflection
  • Assist the coachee to make better choices
  • Help the roles and the dynamic of a team to become more distinct and thus to use these for the benefit of the team and the achievement of the goals of the team

There is a wide range of psychometric tools available. In my coaching sessions I use the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). I have chosen –and I have been certified- in this psychometric tool as it has been researched in a deep level, it is easy to be understood and it is even easier in application. Indicatively, MBTI®, may assist a coachee and/or a team in the sections of communication style, emotional intelligence, conflict management, decision making, leadership development, reaction to stress, change, career development, team development, etc.

More information regarding the use of MBTI® in coaching may be found in my article.

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